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Testing & Quality assuranceRockland Concrete Mixer

Unlike most concrete producers, every element of our concrete sampling, cube making and storage is in strict compliance with BS EN Standards and UKAS requirements. All plants have a temperature-controlled laboratory and cubes are not transported until the cubes have hardened.

Technical staff are available full-time at every plant to carry out whatever testing is required.

All mix designs are individually formulated, trialled and tested, including full production trials, for every client’s requirements and any changes that may be requested during the contract can be rapidly implemented.

All our fine aggregate bins are equipped with the very best microwave moisture probes to ensure consistent fines contents and consistent aggregate/cement ratio. Plant mixers also have microwave probes to ensure consistent water/cement ratios. Water/cement ratios of production concrete are monitored load by load to ensure compliance with specifications and to provide an assurance of strength.

Full batch data is readily available at the plant and clients and customers are encouraged to use it as a quality tool. We believe in working very closely with our customers with an open-book policy, we have nothing to hide!

Rockland – a new experience!

BIS Ready ix Concrete KITEMARK
UKAS ISO 14001
UKAS ISO 18001